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Welcome to Warbird Models, your premier destination for RC Warbirds that embody the spirit and bravery of historic military aviation. Our collection celebrates the iconic aircraft from WWII, offering enthusiasts the chance to pilot a piece of history.

Warbird Models brings you closer to the past, with each model, such as the 96" P-47D Thunderbolt, 96" P-47B Razorback, and 96" P-51D Mustang, crafted for historical accuracy and detail. These models aren’t just planes; they’re gateways to understanding the advancements and strategies of wartime aviation, paying tribute to the legendary pilots who flew them. Finding the right Warbird for you is easy. Whether you're looking for a Jet, Civilian plane, or a STIK, we've got you covered. You can also shop by size, from 20-50cc RC planes, 50-100cc RC planes, and even 100cc+ RC planes.

Our commitment extends beyond just selling RC planes. We support our flying community with an extensive selection of spare parts and top-notch customer service, ensuring your RC Warbird is always ready for takeoff. Join Warbird Models in honoring aviation history. Whether you’re an experienced flyer or new to the hobby, our meticulously detailed models, like the P-47D Thunderbolt or P-51D Mustang, offer an immersive flying experience. Dive into the golden age of aviation with Warbird Models – where history takes flight.