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100cc+ Civilian RC Planes

100cc+ Civilian RC Planes from Texas RC Warbirds

When it comes to large-scale RC planes, 100cc+ models represent the pinnacle of power, performance, and scale. The "cc" stands for cubic centimeters and refers to the engine's displacement—essentially, the volume of air it can process in a single stroke. For context, a 100cc engine is roughly equivalent to a small motorcycle engine.

Size Matters

To accommodate a powerful 100cc+ engine, these planes are substantial in size. Wingspans often exceed eight feet, making them impressive to behold both on the ground and in the air. This increased size not only contributes to stability and control but also allows for intricate detailing and realistic scale replicas of full-size aircraft.

Engine Considerations
Given the sheer power of these models, careful engine selection is crucial. Two-stroke gasoline engines are the most common choice for 100cc+ planes due to their power-to-weight ratio and performance. However, the increased complexity and maintenance requirements of these engines demand a certain level of mechanical aptitude from pilots.

Unleash the Power
Piloting a 100cc+ civilian RC plane is an exhilarating experience. The raw power at your fingertips delivers thrilling acceleration, climbs, and speeds. These models are designed for experienced pilots seeking the ultimate flying challenge. With proper handling and respect for the aircraft's capabilities, you can achieve incredible feats of aerobatics and long-distance flight.

Precision and Control
Despite their size and power, 100cc+ planes are engineered for precision and control. Advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art flight control systems work in harmony to provide a responsive and predictable flying experience. Whether you're performing intricate maneuvers or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, these models offer a level of control that will impress even the most discerning pilot.

Join the Elite
Owning a 100cc+ civilian RC plane puts you in a league of your own. These aircraft are the epitome of the RC hobby, attracting pilots who demand the best in performance and scale realism. Join a community of like-minded enthusiasts, share your passion, and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of RC aviation.